Poker the Mental Game

Welcome to Poker the Mental Game! It is no secret that Poker is one of the most mentally-riveting games in existence. Whether you are looking to become a Poker God or you just want to become proficient enough to be able to win a few rounds against your friends once in a while, the need to learn all there is to know about the mental aspects of Poker is paramount.

It takes a lot of practice to train one’s mind to become strong enough to be good at poker, but fortunately getting your mind honed for a big game is easier done than you may think. There are plenty of time-tested techniques out there that help strengthen one’s mind and there are also some fairly basic psychological tips and tricks to learn about. Once you get all of that down, Poker quickly becomes a very different game.

We put this site together to try and bridge the gap between the entry-level players and the pros, because we believe that the pros don’t have enough competition; especially in formats such as online poker where anyone can step up to the table. The more common the types of information on this site becomes, the better off we will all be, because it will go a long way in de-mystifying the game. Why should you trust us to bring you this information? Put simply, there aren’t too many others out there with more knowledge of how these systems work. We may not have any PhDs in the field, but we do have many, many years of experience playing some really tough players which is better than any other type of credential.

Welcome again! We hope you enjoy your stay.