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Defining the Difference – Poker Pairs

There are several different ways of playing Poker, and many different terms that are used in the game with which non-players are not always familiar.

Set Mining and Pocket Pairs of Poker

For those who are not familiar with the game of Poker, pocket pairs are one of the hardest hands to play correctly. Set mining comes after pocket pairs, and is the stage of the game where the player relies on getting a hand known as a set. A set is any collection of cards which contains three of a kind – for example three sevens, three tens or three sixes – and these sets are one of the easiest hands to achieve. A pocket pair is two cards that the player is planning on turning into a set. It is very interesting to look at the statistical probabilities of gaining a set, and there are some excellent resources online to gain this information.

Why Are These Hands So Hard to Play?

Besides the fact that these hands rely heavily on statistical probability, the hands are hard to play correctly because this type of poker is a fast-action game, and is reliant on none of the other players planning the same thing. It is also about keeping composure, and being able to lead the other players to think that a different strategy to set mining is being planned. It is about influencing the other players to raise the stakes, and therefore raising the amount of money to be won – whilst hoping that no other player has a higher hand, such as a Royal Flush, which would win over a set.

As with everything in life, it’s all about practice and patience; the more you play, the more confidence you’ll have and the easier it will be to get to grips with pocket pairs and the like.

Poker and Its Variants; the Key to Winning

To get good at poker, you need to understand the game you are playing. There are different variations of poker, mainly because of the nature of cards. You can come up with any of many rules for a game, and poker enthusiasts across the world do. There are some variants of the game that we will never even know about, and then there are the more common games.

Texas Hold’em

This is currently the most popular form of poker, and even renowned poker tournaments are using it. In this poker type, the aim is having the best hand after the rounds of betting. Basically, every player starts by getting two face-down cards. The dealer then places five community cards on the table face up. There are three classes of these community cards; the flop which is the first three cards, the turn which is the fourth, and the river which is the fifth. There are many ways of wining at Texas Hold’em, and the more you play the better you’ll understand what they are.


Omaha is different from Texas Hold’em in that it does not start with two cards. Instead, the players each get four cards, and the strength of the opening hand is not as important as it is in Texas Hold’em. Betting is pretty much as happens in Texas Hold’em, but the players are not allowed to bet for more than has been pooled in the playing pot.

Seven-Card Stud

This has become a highly popular poker variant. The basic premise is that players are dealt three cards with two being face-down and one face-up. The next four cards are face-up and the last card is face-down. The aim is to get to the end of the game with the strongest hand. Betting is done at every round all the way to the seventh card, hence the name.

There are other poker variants worth mentioning such as razz, five-card draw and HORSE.

Increasing Mental Agility with Poker

How to become a better poker player? Poker is as much about mental agility as anything else. Many people believe that mental agility is something that is there when born and can’t be changed, but medical research proves that this is not the case.

When playing poker, mental agility is as important as anything else, for example the mental ability to keep calm under pressure, the need to add up cards quickly and the need to anticipate the next move within a split second. These may not be the first statements that spring to mind when thinking of poker. What many people think of is purely tactical ability, like knowing how to play the game and all the rules and regulations of the game. However, despite having the tactical ability to play the game, what many people fail to address is the mental side of the game.

So where would one start to become a better poker player? There are many options, but online poker coaching is just one way of improving your poker game. What many people will ask is whether a poker coach is really worth the time and money. As with any kind of coach or trainer, poker coaches are clearly doing this job for a reason, and if one wants to either take the game of poker seriously or even just play for fun but play successfully, then, like any kind of coaching, poker coaching is a great idea. Click here for more information.

There are many ways to increase mental agility, many of which can be found when generally searching the internet. And there are plenty of mobile applications around, where the specific purpose is to improve mental agility and therefore increase the ability to play poker successfully.