Defining the Difference – Poker Pairs

There are several different ways of playing Poker, and many different terms that are used in the game with which non-players are not always familiar.

Set Mining and Pocket Pairs of Poker

For those who are not familiar with the game of Poker, pocket pairs are one of the hardest hands to play correctly. Set mining comes after pocket pairs, and is the stage of the game where the player relies on getting a hand known as a set. A set is any collection of cards which contains three of a kind – for example three sevens, three tens or three sixes – and these sets are one of the easiest hands to achieve. A pocket pair is two cards that the player is planning on turning into a set. It is very interesting to look at the statistical probabilities of gaining a set, and there are some excellent resources online to gain this information.

Why Are These Hands So Hard to Play?

Besides the fact that these hands rely heavily on statistical probability, the hands are hard to play correctly because this type of poker is a fast-action game, and is reliant on none of the other players planning the same thing. It is also about keeping composure, and being able to lead the other players to think that a different strategy to set mining is being planned. It is about influencing the other players to raise the stakes, and therefore raising the amount of money to be won – whilst hoping that no other player has a higher hand, such as a Royal Flush, which would win over a set.

As with everything in life, it’s all about practice and patience; the more you play, the more confidence you’ll have and the easier it will be to get to grips with pocket pairs and the like.